Quick Tips About New Year Resolutions

Quick Tips About New Year Resolutions While our decisions can be accomplished by proper planning and hard work, the chances of achieving all our plans and reaching our goals with human capacity is not 100 percents. Environmental and climatic conditions political decisions or change in governmental administrations family engagements and all other unforeseen circumstances can hinder these goals.


Seeking God First: Man in his best mental capacity is not capable making the best decisions for the beauty of his perfections. Industries have folded up, multinationals have gone bankrupts, governments has been toppled wealthy people has failed countless times. That is why in the holy Bible, Matthew 6 vs 33 Jesus was cautioning us not to worry about these human concerns and to instead place our greatest priority on seeking God’s Kingdom and these concerns, needs wants, will be added to us. Setting Realistic Goals; Break your goals into various steps and sub goals, make sure they can be measured with time, if possible set time and date of assessments for each goals of your new year resolutions.

Unity and Harmony: When people exist in unity and love one another a lot will be achieved. As a couple, an organisation or a team you have new year resolutions, Position yourselves to find and flourish on your path of personal fulfilment in  harmony.

Be Patient: Progress may be slow, it may be painful, while some find it quite easy, there is always room for patience especially when the desired breakthrough is not rapid. People with these personality traits are likely to be at the top of the list for promotions to leadership positions. The more patient you are with others, the likelier you are to be viewed positively by your peers and your managers, not to mention your family and friends.

Avoid procrastination: The key to overcoming this deadly diseases is to recognise that one has the habit. The success of your new year resolutions depend on this. Look through last resolutions and deal with why you procrastinate. You can ask someone to check on you, periodically. Also make sure you are organised, people find it easy to fend off the temptation, because they have things like To-Do-List.

Remind Yourself Why You want To Achieve The Set Goals: Have you ever encountered people who don’t set any goals and they just live life on a day-to-day basis. save for a few changes they are almost the same year in year out. Always remind yourself why you want to be a better person, why you want to save more money, why you want to reduce the weight why did you set this New Year Resolutions .


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