Make MORE Money Blogging? Use These Paying Networks

The dream of any blogger is to make more money daily, and to get to the top chain, advertisement is considered the most popular way.

Do you have a high-traffic website or do you want to start a blog, and are looking to monetize your website with ads? You might want to ask yourself which ad networks will make you the most money. I have compiled a list of the best ad networks that a publisher like you can join & start earning money.


Google AdSense

Google works with millions of advertisers, which makes Google AdSense one of the best in all pay per click sites. This is googles main source of income, it more likely that they can deliver ads that are both relevant and high quality which in turns leads to more money for you.

When you start a blog or a website, make sure you are active for at least 3 months before visiting Google Adsense and make a sure your blog or website meet the requirements. Ads

Media net is a Combination of two powerhouses Yahoo and Bing. Obviously, It is one of best Alternative of Adsense. Its CPC rates are also high and favorable. Media net gives you relevant ads and tools to track your progress and performance. Make sure your blog or site has high-quality content and your site’s visitors should mostly come from the US, Canada, or the UK.


Chikita is a popular ads platform in pay per click websites for Search Targeted Ads and Mobile Ads. Note that Chikita only accepts organic traffic driven by Search engines. So you will only earn revenue from clicks. Chitika Offers high CPC rates but little lower as compared to Adsense.

I love the Chitika Referring Program, you can refer others for using Chitika ads then you will earn 10% of Refer Publisher review for 10 months.  Chitika ads depend on the keywords that the visitor typed in the search engine to get to your site.



If you are looking for high-quality ads from a CPM-based ad network, then you should try AdBuff. Adbuff has a real-time bidding (RTB) platform, which makes it one of the strongest performing PPC ad networks. To get an approved account, you must have a quality site with 2000 unique visitors per day.

Adbuff has an Android and iOS app ith a great interface which is easy to use. You can use the app to check your revenue and how much you are generating. The minimum payout is $100 & the payment modes include PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, and wire transfer.



Reports have indicated that Infolinks is in the top 5 largest monetization ads network today. You if you have a good amount of traffic on your blog or website this can be a source of stable income. With over 200,000 online publishers in 130 countries, you are sure of quality ads. Infolinks have a minimum payout amount of $50. They pay through ACH, PayPal, Payoneer, eCheck, Wire transfer etc.

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