The fate of 3.4million Nigerians living with HIV/AIDS now hangs in the balance…Global Fund suspends grant to Nigeria..

The Global Fund said it has disbursed more than US$1.4 billion in Nigeria since 2003. Nigeria currently represents the Global Fund’s largest portfolio with a total of US$1.1 billion allocated to fighting HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria for 2014-16. ‘‘Global Fund programs to date have contributed to 750,000 people living with HIV/AIDS currently on antiretroviral therapy and 310,000 new smear-positive TB cases detected and treated.’ However, despite significant investments in Nigeria, the Global Fund said it continued to face these serious challenges ‘‘despite the efforts made by the Secretariat and with over US$800 million disbursed to the country in the past four years, major deficiencies in the internal control environment persist in the portfolio.’’

For instance, NACA was among other allegation charged with making a US$20 million to suppliers without confirmation of delivery under the procurement of health and non-health commodities which represented one of the risks to the Nigerian portfolio. There is also a US$3.7 million in differences for antiretroviral drugs. ‘‘At the time of the audit, no explanation for the differences could be provided by NACA. After the end of the audit, NACA indicated that the stock was being held in a different medical store; however, the evidence provided to support this was not adequate,’’ the fund said.





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