Why Artwork Is Good for Your Soul And Body

Believe it or not making an art of your own or owning a beautiful artwork is a privilege to express ourselves and our feelings. A good artwork either painting or sculpture always stir up something unique in the mind of admirers. Most times its evokes imaginary thoughts and the memory lingers moments after.

The impression of art itself is extremely therapeutic; we cannot leave out the effect of photorealism of paintings, impressions, and prints, like the music they create a lasting composition, how the artist moves the viewer’s eye throughout the piece to create a message.

A study published in” HuffingtonPost that lasted for a period of 10 weeks, in which scientists at the University Hospital Erlangen tested the participants twice — once before classes began and once at the end — using fMRI technology and a scale meant to measure emotional resilience.

After comparing the before-and-after tests, the team led by neurologists Anne Bolwerk and Christian Maihofner observed “a significant improvement in psychological resilience” as well increased levels of “functional connectivity” in the brain amongst participants of the visual art production group”.

.Here are Amazing Benefits of arts

IMPROVED MEMORY: Research has shown that artwork especially paintings and drawings are good for those that experience Alzheimer’s disease. Allowing them to engage in drawing in painting will go a long at to boost their recalling skills, sharpening their mind and boost imagination and thinking.

Self Expression: Art impressions helps us to improve the side of ourselves that we find hard to do otherwise. For example in canvas art, we infuse lots of emotions; we break free from personal limitations helping us to surpass our individual weakness. The result such impression is always our acknowledgment by our inner feelings and let out things we might not find the words to say. It improves our flow of thoughts.

Art Create Harmony: I believe painting has some of the elements and principles of the language of art in order to be art, painting communicate the ‘beauty’ and harmony of an artist. Hen painting is done on a canvas its speaks and teaches creativity, it not only improve improves effective interaction in the brain, canvass painting washing away the dust accumulating on your soul, arts helps us solve puzzles.

Art encourages neural development and fine motor skills, Therapists tell us that art is vital to families because it keeps everyone engaged and happy and helps with difficult transitions of the day. Art is mentally a good thing for not just kids, but everyone to do.

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