5 Secrets About Money The Government Is Hiding

The survival of human race largely hinges on money. Luckily, it is not the priceless oxygen we need for our daily survival. Whatever you choose to call it – finance, capital, or cash – money is the active life support of many business ventures. Therefore, if you don’t want to be looking from the outside, it is vital to efficiently manage your money. However, have you ever heard that there are some secrets of money that the government keeps from you? Read on to uncover some of these and be a master of the coin.

  • Education doesn’t guarantee financial security: if you think you can transform your life overnight by attending a college or a university, you better have a rethink. Ironically the richest people are usually college dropouts yet the government keeps promoting schooling like it’s a sure-fire way of making money.
  • It’s not all about Salary: you can only get so far earning a salary until you reach your maximum earning potential and then plateau. The government understands that you can’t be financially free earning a fixed salary but ‘who cares’? Trying to garner enough money from passive rather than active income is the best way to make money but the government won’t tell you.
  • Be your own boss: consider starting your own business if you aim to make serious money, being an employee only makes your boss richer. If equal effort as an employee is channeled into your own business, you would earn a lot without even having to depend on the government for assistance of any kind.
  • ‘Someday, I will make it’: exactly the right profile of people needed by the government to believe in their mantra, first ask yourself when ‘someday’ is and then evaluate how much time you have left to work hard to achieve your financial goal. No one makes money ‘someday’.
  • ‘It’s not all about money’: you should keep off such people. All they do is limit you in mediocrity by making you believe in another fake mantra. Money improves the psychology of all humans studies has shown. However, the government would let you think money is evil.


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