Making outstanding contribution in life and making high level discoveries about oneself are keys to make life interesting and living larger than life.

How many times have you told yourself you will be better, how many times have you written checklists, how many times have you drawn plans for yourself but you keep failing, your enthusiasm fizzle away, and all the good plans and great intentions escape into the air.

This happens to us all, and those of us that have refused to back down becomes successful the difference between a maximize destiny and others is simple and the points explained below will help guide you. They are not mystical assumptions but truths that must be applied.

Below you’ll find big steps to improve all areas of your life in the next few days.

  1. Overcome your fears: If there is one thing holding us or keeping us to the background it is fear. Fear itself is normal, everyone just react to it differently. According to Claire Colvin Fear is not a bad thing. It exists for our protection as an early warning signal. But there is a big difference between the healthy fear that tells us to step away from the edge of a cliff and a constant fear that keeps us from living our life.  Overcoming your fears means you should develop mantras and beliefs that build you up and increase self-confidence. Also doing the thing you’re afraid of can be the best antidote of overcoming fear. What steps are you afraid to take? What decision scares you?  Who should you meet?  Where should you go?  Face you fear and tackle it step by step.
  2. Read a book every day: Personality is something you have to develop or grow no one is born to be perfect or great. Have you met a born pilot, born president, born CEO, we all grew to become what we want to be. Reading regularly will help shape you; it opens you to new experiences. Reading books involves closing off the outside world which over time will strengthen your concentration and focus to life. Reading involves working on your knowledge, it is fruitful whether you read fictions, science articles and others, and you always obtain new information which will impact on your intellectual capacity.
  3. Make a list of little things: Sounds too much? NO. Write down a list of things you will like to accomplish daily. Since you are only limited by what you can imagine overcoming those things you imagine boost the confidence you need. In a week you would have achieved over 20 of your plans if you write down 3 activities to do every day.  In 30 days if you commit to the terms of your plan you would have accomplished a lot than you used to. Start writing your list now.
  4. Learn to wake up early: Remember this saying “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – Ben Franklin, famously. There are many book or article that will help you sleep early. (I will write on the benefits of early sleep soon). Waking up early has been acknowledged by many to improve quality of life. It’s also improves productivity. Waking up early helps you to exercise in the morning which boosts your energy level for the day. The benefits are much, learn to sleep early. For me early morning is too important to me, I plan my day, check my blog, write, study a little and I do not have to rush during the day.
  5. Be Accountable: It is important to know you need commitment not to be lazy, stand by your decisions and actions. Accountability is a principal requirement for anyone that want to lead, check out highly placed individuals around the globe, multinationals, they are always accountable not only to themselves but others too. Stop complaining and move on, learn new things, stand by your words, do not be satisfied till you achieve your goal. If you fail to achieve your passion your motivation starts to fade with time and you start to loose confidence. Learn accountability it is a key to success.

Be committed to be better in 30 days, these are just few of the many life changing commitments.  Remain faithful to it.

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